Centre for the Future

A Masterclass in Foresight with Dr. Richard Hames


Executive Director, Centre for the Future, & Fellow, World Academy of Art & Science

If we are honest, most of us would confess at least a casual curiosity for what the future holds. How often have you looked back on a past event and thought; “if I knew then what I know now, I could have. . .”

In spite of assertions to the contrary, we knew a coronavirus pandemic was imminent. Epidemiologists have been warning about such a pandemic since 2003 when a coronavirus detection technology was patented in the US.

But most of us either did not know, or chose to ignore the warning signs. When we consider any past event, with the advantage of hindsight, we generally find areas where we would have made better decisions. Unfortunately we cannot go back in time. But what if, rather than going back in time to fix a poor decision, you were able to look forward in time. And armed with this foresight you were better prepared to face the future? Any future?

While strategic planning is a vital competency for any business as you craft your vision for the future, it is insufficient for future-proofing your business. An equally important competency is strategic foresight. This allows you to anticipate how the future might unfold and to get ready for any eventuality.

In these two Masterclasses Dr Richard Hames, held by many to be the most perceptive futurist in the world today, works with us to explain how any business, large or small, can benefit from using strategic foresight in a navigational approach to change.

Masterclass One
In the first Masterclass Richard introduces us to the basic elements of foresight. He will explain, with examples, how others have used foresight to help create the future they want while navigating unforeseen problems. He will show us how to think like a futurist, where to find and how to harvest “hidden” information, and how you can use very simple tools to shape that information into alternative scenarios.


During the two weeks between the two Masterclasses Richard will invite you to craft your own stories about the future which we will then use during the second Masterclass as artifacts for learning.

Masterclass Two:
In the second Masterclass Richard will invite participants to present their own scenarios which he will then use as living examples of how to deepen our understanding of the craft of foresight and to develop our futures expertise.

Having completed both Masterclasses in Foresight you will acquire:

• A simple seven-step process for crafting scenarios that can be applied to any business or enterprise
• Critical information about how to think about the future of your business and use it to your advantage
• Links to other organisations and additional tools you can use to develop your foresight capabilities
• The opportunity to test your foresight competencies while getting expert and peer feedback

To avail of this unique opportunity to upskill for your future, email [email protected] or call +353 1 2354905.