Anders Indset

Business Philosopher & Author

“Our Leaders of today need the philosophy of the past, paired with the scientific knowledge and technology of tomorrow.”

Anders Indset is a Norwegian-born business-philosopher, investor and successful entrepreneur based out of Frankfurt, Germany. He is a visiting guest lecturer at leading international business schools. Known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude Anders is a much sought-after international keynote speaker on leadership, change, technology branding and creativity.

He gives an in-depth understanding of the trends of tomorrow and how leaders can handle the current speed of change and develop a digital mindset.

Learning the art of being wrong is the driving force behind Anders’ actions and thoughts. He is also fascinated and driven by the potential of positive progress, and the liberating power of questioning supposedly self-evident truths.

“It is not knowledge that makes a real Mensche (a person with a sense of what is right and responsible) but a profound understanding of what we know today and what we do not yet know.” For Anders, philosophy is a thinking practice. He brings thoughts to life. These help people learn how to deal with ‘the new’ so that they are able to make better decisions and act appropriately.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Quantum technologies, the topics of Leadership and Technology and their relation to Philosophy becomes even more relevant.
Anders believes technology is not limited to its answers and possibilities, but to the human capacity to ask questions and think about possible outcomes. In his work, he refers to this as “the art of being wrong” – or simply practical philosophy. Recently, Anders has shared reflections on the social- and business implications of exponential technologies as artificial intelligence with ChatGPT/OpenAI and Quantum Technology now becomes mainstream.

Anders is the author of three “Der Spiegel” bestsellers, ‘The Quantum Economy,’ ‘Infected Thinking,’ and ‘Wild Knowledge.’ He brings practical background from a decade as a leadership and strategy consultant to fortune 500 companies.

He has invested in and founded several companies and is the founder of the investment and consulting firm Njordis and also the co-founder of the business school Global Institute of Leadership &
Technology (GILT), where he chairs the practical philosophy faculty.

Through his involvement and investment in one of the world’s leading quantum technology companies, Terra Quantum, and as co-initiator of the Global Blockchain Initiative, Anders has a deep understanding of the implications of technological developments. He has published papers on Singularity and on the Simulation Hypothesis with reflections on artificial intelligence and exponential technologies. In his recent publications, ‘The Final Narcissistic Injury’ and “Are we living in a (Quantum) Simulation?” he takes a look at the foundations of technological progress for humanity.

Anders presents in a variety of styles ranging from his unique thinking-out-loud leadership jam sessions to his inspiring keynotes with sound, videos and unparalleled visuals. Anders’ engagements are all tailor-made to serve target audiences through education, entertainment, and empowerment.