Neuroscientist; Entrepreneur; Author, Deviate 

“Dynamic Opening Keynote and Tone Setter” who instantly engages your audience.

In a world that is changing faster than ever, Dr. Beau Lotto’s unique and exceptional skills enable him to empower and motivate corporate audiences to challenge their perceptions about change while engaging them to take ownership for creating a better, different, more resilient organization in the future. A world famous neuroscientist, author, and 3-time mainstage TED speaker who has been studying the mechanisms that enable successful change for 30 years, he is also a practitioner and entrepreneur, and the Founder and CEO of multiple successful start-ups.

Dr. Beau Lotto, leading expert in perception, adaptability, and uncertainty who has helped the world’s most innovative brands like Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft, Google, and L’oreal apply science backed insights to create more agile cultures and deeper customer relationships. Through his interactive talks, masterclasses, and a proprietary form of a consultancy called “experiential experiments” he teaches organizations the scientific truths that empower their business and employees to thrive in an ever-changing world.

His bold, interactive and authentic stage presence is deeply inspiring at the personal and professional level. He brings common-sense wisdom to his presentations that engages every member of the audience —regardless of position — to help them embrace the unknown and turn conflict into new learning experiences. His use of science is compelling, and his content is filled with clear and actionable insights that energize and motivate people to question their assumptions in ways that encourages growth, innovation, hope, and understanding in the midst of uncertainty.

Beau’s unique method of delivery enables him to:

  • Connect with every member of the audience
  • Use humor in a way that makes it safe for people to rethink their past beliefs
  • Engage the audience to take responsibility for helping to create a better future
  • Provide people with the tools to be successful in times of uncertainty
  • Use positive emotion to broaden perspectives and inspire
  • Raise people’s expectations and beliefs as to what is possible

The Power of Doubt: Perceive – Adapt – Thrive

How can we adapt and thrive in times when the ground beneath us is shifting? We begin by questioning the beliefs and assumptions that drive every single one of our actions, decisions, and behaviors. The idea is to find solutions to questions that haven’t been asked yet. Learning to maintain a healthy dose of doubt about what we perceive – keeping our assumptions in check – is crucial. In this completely original, game-changing presentation, neuroscientist Dr. Beau Lotto, known worldwide for his groundbreaking work on the subject, uses hard science to open minds and help audiences see the world and themselves differently. His engaging use of images and videos will have people shaking their heads in disbelief – unable to reconcile what they’re seeing with what they thought to be true. Beau’s stunning, interactive, fun presentation will equip people to challenge their own assumptions and beliefs and come away better able to innovate, collaborate, lead, and adapt to new realities. This presentation is an ideal conference kick-off – providing a powerful, positive, creative context that sets a tone for the content and collaboration that follow.

Perception & Leadership — A Masterclass

In a more intimate format designed for leadership teams, departments, and smaller groups, Dr. Beau Lotto shows leaders how to create a framework to lead others into uncertainty. Anything interesting begins with doubt — with not knowing. Learn to celebrate that uncertainty, ask questions, search, and discover — the foundation of all progress and breakthroughs. Science can teach participants how to lead better and create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation by understanding the role of perception in every aspect of their lives. Beau provides the group dozens of new ways to think differently about their challenges and successfully innovate, adapt, and build effective teams.

How Brands Connect with Customers

A brand that delights its audience while creating insight into an essential human value is more creative, has more loyal customers, and generates lasting, authentic impact in the world. Dr. Beau Lotto’s presentation is based on work that his neuro-design studio Lab of Misfits has been doing for years, with the most creative brands in the world (such as Cirque du Soleil), which is helping brands deepen their authenticity by enabling and measuring the impact of their purpose in the world. Beau will explain how to unpack the keys to creating customized, immersive brand experiences that will evolve your brand to build genuine and long-lasting relationships with your key audiences.


I recently worked with Beau at a Senior Leaders Summit and he totally blew the audience away with his blend of business, neuroscience, behavioural economics and higher consciousness. He spoke for 2.5 hours with a break in the middle and I honestly could have listened to him for the same again, as the content of his presentation was so refreshingly different and compelling. 

The initial request was to kick start the Summit in a different way and to radically challenge the leaders to “unlearn” social conditioning and personal perspectives and approach the following days at the conference with a more open mindset to help encourage different solutions to business challenges. Beau’s deep knowledge and insight on his topic shines through; and is perfect to support audiences in breaking out of old habits of thinking and embracing more diverse ones. In my opinion, the topics that Beau touches on is the future for healthy organisations and I would say his content is relevant to any business that wants to shake up their teams to think differently, embrace change and recognise the beauty in stepping out of constraints.

Abi Humayun – Co-Founder / Director of Clients & Activations

“Captivating from the moment he took the stage during our recent Leadership Summit, Beau delivered a fascinating and illuminating presentation that set the tone and became a major topic of conversation thereafter. Through his unique perspective, he challenged each and every attendee to think differently about how they see, experience, and engage with people, and the world at large. Finding the right speaker who can engage such a large group (100+ people) is no easy task but Beau delivered – and has left a lasting and thought-provoking impression on us all.  John Ferguson – President & CEO, Purolator”

“A perfect, positive start to the day. I have chaired conferences for over 20 years and this is undoubtedly one of the best keynotes I have ever seen. Beau began the second day of our conference – when people may be low on energy – and within moments over 800 people were engaged. By the end of the talk they were also informed, challenged and inspired. Beau provided the hope that change is possible, along with a road map to making it happen. Our delegates left the plenary session feeling positive and primed for the rest of the day. Very few experts can also speak, entertain and inspire. Beau does. 

–  Donald Taylor Founder of Learning Technologies Conference