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Connect Speakers are now offering a “Speaker Critique & Support Service”  which evolved due to the high volume of speakers who approach us for representation with substandard marketing material.

We assisted many speakers with branding and their positive feedback has prompted us to offer our services to all “want to be speakers” out there who want to bring their materials up to standard and realize their full potential.

I would encourage any speakers who want to take their craft to the next level to talk to Sandra Nolan.”
Mark DeVolder – Change Management Speaker



As a speaker we appreciate you have a thorough knowledge of your material, content and unique ideas.

However when it comes to displaying your capabilities effectively on your bio, video demonstration reel or on your website, you may not have that particular skill set and unknowingly
are falling at the first hurdle in terms of bookings.

– feed·back – noun
–  reactions to a person’s performance of a task, which is used as a basis for improvement

We assist speakers improve specific areas of their marketing and promotional materials which enables event planners to instantly identify their unique takeaways
and the value they deliver to their audience.
We understand how event planners think and how they critique a speaker, that is a vital aspect as our role as an agent.

– ob·sta·cle – noun
– a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress

So often when researching speakers for clients we come across videos with the music so loud you can’t assess the speaker’s content and delivery style.
We simply click off the page and on to the the next search result.  This could be your obstacle!

– re·source -noun
– the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties

We work with conference organizers globally and discuss speakers and their bios daily.  We know what works and and what does not, simply as.
Tap into us as your resource, we identify the barriers to bookings, eliminate them and fast track your speaking career to the next level.
We got this!

For a nominal once off fee or an annual subscription, our expertise can elevate your speaking career to the next level.
Simply put… if the cost of the status quo exceeds the cost to change, there is your compelling reason to work with us!

– hone – verb
– refine or perfect over a period of time

Your speaking career is your craft and as such always “work in progress”.
We can help you “hone” your craft.
Ideas evolve, popular topics come and go, the world is in a constant state of flux.
Often we are privy to what “is coming down the line” in terms of trending topics and also what is outdated.

Very often one cannot “see the wood for the trees” with their own material and marketing, hence it stagnates their career.


Sandra Nolan is one in a million.  She has a deep knowledge of the speaking industry and has developed and nurtured an impressive relationship with clients globally. What sets her apart is not just her ability to connect the right speaker with the client, but her to commitment to helping each speaker improve their skills and presentation.  

On many occasions, I asked for Sandra’s help, opinions and advice.  She responded to each request in a timely manner, even though she was not under any obligation to do so.  She evaluated everything, my website, videos, biography and profile pictures.

As a speaker, I often receive feedback from the client.  “Thanks, Mark, that was fantastic.”   Or “you really connected the audience!”   Or “People are still talking about your presentation.” Although positive feedback is nice to hear, it really doesn’t help a speaker improve.  

A speaker needs to receive specific feedbackobjective and subjective critiques of his or her presentationstyle, stage presence, pace, interaction, energy, entertainment factor, content, humour to name a few. 

I am fortunate enough to have substantially increased my bookings which I contribute to Sandra’s “honing” of my brand and materials. 

I would encourage any speakers who want to take their craft to the next level to talk to Sandra Nolan.” 

– Mark DeVolder

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Nothing to lose and everything to gain!