Dr. Jennifer A. Cassidy is a Departmental Lecturer in Global Governance and Diplomacy at the University of Oxford, where she lectures on Diplomacy, International Law, Digital Diplomacy, and Women in Leadership.

Her PhD from the University of Oxford focused on the unique and changing relationship between social media and foreign policy. With a specific focus on the evolving nature of digital diplomatic signalling and online strategic narrative during times of political crisis.

Dr Jennifer Cassidy speaking on The Gender of Diplomacy. Brussels 4 Nov 2019

In 2017, Jennifer produced the first edited volume on Gender and Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (Routledge). The volume provides a detailed discussion of the role of women in diplomacy and crafts for its readers a global narrative of understanding relating to their current and historical role within it. Outside out of academia realm, Jennifer has served as a diplomatic attaché to Ireland’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations (New York), European Diplomatic Service to the Kingdom of Cambodia, and Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Headquarters during its Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Jennifer serves on the advisory council for the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy, having been chosen as one of the speakers for TEDxOxford, where she gave a talk entitled The Road Less Travelled: Why we need a Feminist Foreign Policy.

Jennifer is a regular contributor to international media outlets including BBC, CNN, ABC Australia and RTE. She speaks on Digital Diplomacy, Foreign Policy of Silicon Valley, Data Protection, Women in Leadership, and Brexit and EU Relations.



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