We have all been there, nicely tucked up in our comfort zone in work, confident our position is secure and our contribution valued, when boom! A new CEO is appointed and you are not feeling so cozy or confident now. John Mattone, our corporate culture expert, has just published his survival guide.


Reporting to a New CEO?

6 “Must Do’s” to Ensure You Survive &Thrive!


September 8, 2016 By John Mattone

Our key take-aways from the publication:
1. You must understand the new CEO’s mindset.
2. You must have the “3 Cs” in sufficient quantities.
3. You must ensure your new CEO’s opinion of your 3 Cs is accurate.
4. Learn your new CEO’s style and agenda.
5. Learn your new CEO’s mission and vision.
6. Periodically reassess and reflect upon your 3 Cs.
Excerpt from the article:

Here are some interesting statistics from the outplacement industry and an interview I did with the Wall Street Journal about a year ago:  If you’re a senior executive in a global company, there’s a one-in-four chance you will report to a new CEO within a year. That number drops to a still-significant 15% chance of reporting to a new CEO this year if you are part of one of the global 2,500 public companies…..

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