Mehreen Khan

Mehreen Khan is the Economics Editor for The Times of London and a former Europe correspondent for the Financial Times in Brussels. She has written extensively about the European Union, the political economy of the eurozone, populist politics, climate policy, taxation and economics.

Mehreen spent five years in Brussels from 2017-2022 breaking exclusive agenda-setting news on the EU’s Brexit talks, budget negotiations, environmental regulation, pandemic policy response, and foreign policy. 

She authored the daily Brussels Briefing newsletter for the Financial Times and is a regular contributor to the BBC, Al Jazeera, EUScream podcast, In Our Times, and Times Radio. 

Her more recent coverage focuses on the challenges facing the global economy, from de-globalisation, international monetary policy, and financial markets. In addition to economics and international diplomacy, Mehreen is a regular commentator on issues of racial and religious discrimination and diversity in the EU and UK. She is also a very experienced moderator and panelist.

Mehreen has a BA in History and Politics and MPhil in European Politics from Oxford University. She began her journalism career at the Daily Telegraph and has written for Bloomberg, The Guardian, and Sky News.