Christian Berg is the author of “Sustainable Action, Overcoming the Barriers”. An expert on sustainability, innovation and resilience, he explores how can we ensure that as many people as possible can live well without jeopardizing the future? What role does the economy play in this? What can companies do to operate more sustainably? How can the political framework help to set the right incentives for sustainability, and what can each and every individual do?

Starting from the question of what holds the world together at its core, Christian first studied physics and philosophy, and later theology. Through a dissertation on the relationship between theology and natural science, he arrived at the question of how we can deal responsibly with creation and use technology accordingly.

He was Chief Sustainability Architect in the management consultancy of SAP. Since 2010 he is visiting Professor for Corporate Sustainability at Saarland University and Honorary Professor of Sustainability and Global Change at Clausthal University of Technology since 2008. He has advised the former German Chancellor on sustainable business issues and his book is a report to the Club of Rome.

His credo is that sustainability is both responsibility and opportunity for companies. Creating a better future with perspective. “Perspective comes from placing things in contexts. It is important to understand the contexts of today’s challenges in order to draw the right conclusions. That always has to do with me, no matter where I am at the moment and what moves me. Because the future doesn’t just come to me, it’s up to me to shape it.”

Speaking Topics:
Sustainability – Challenge and Opportunity for Companies
Corporate sustainability – Driver of innovation and optimization
How can we be more sustainable?
Sustainable Finance as a lever of transformation
Sustainability as a project of the century – Transformation at all levels


“Christian’s thought provoking, passionate presentation both challenged and entertained our sophisticated audience. Sustainability and ethical governance is becoming more central to our delegates every day jobs and getting beyond ‘box ticking’ and PR to what really matters can be challenging. Christian was very attentive to the brief and provided practical insights they could take back to their daily work as well as the inspiration to do so.”
Helen McGing – Senior Conference Producer – Citywire Financial Publishers