Ade McCormack

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Topics: Leadership & Management, Digital Business, The Future

Expertise: Digital transformation, Business transformation, Digital age, Future, Future of work, Innovation, People, HR director

Ade McCormack is a former technologist, who today is focused on helping individuals and organisations thrive in the digital age. In more recent years, his focus has taken a more strategic / macroeconomic/future-oriented perspective. Thus, he has a forward-thinking, ‘bits to boardroom’, grasp of what is happening in the market, and of how his clients can capitalise on the changes taking place.

Ade is known for his thought-provoking perspectives, and his ability to communicate in a clear, engaging and entertaining manner. This makes him a much sought-after public speaker across the world. His zoom-out perspectives on the drivers behind today’s market realities enable both leaders and their people to deeply understand the actions they need to take to remain economically relevant.

As part of MIT Sloan’s MBA programme, Ade was invited on a number of occasions to partake in the Sloan Innovation Period element of the course. Ade’s topic was digital leadership.

His vision is to live in a world where everyone has equality of opportunity and to enable businesses and governments to thrive in the digital age, and thus in turn help people to similarly thrive on a global basis.

Ade has developed a framework to help organisations transition from an industrial era model to one fit for the digital age. He has two variants of the framework covering both private (Biz4) and public sector organisations (Gov4). Digital disruption is driving the demand for such services.

He a former columnist for CIO magazine, and was a judge on the CIO 100. He is a former Financial Times columnist on digital leadership, and has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on this topic.

He has written a number of books covering digital matters. His latest being Biz 4.0: An anthropological blueprint for business in the digital age’.

The irony of the digital age is that it is not about technology, though IT has a role to play. It cannot be conceptualised as ‘the industrial era amped up on tech steroids’, as implied by the much-used term, Industry 4.0. It is fundamentally about people reclaiming their humanity, and requiring the organisations they support and patronise to reshape accordingly. It also represents a return to a less certain and more dangerous world, less new town business park, more prehistoric savannah. This book, based on the author’s Biz 4.0 digital age business model, is a strategic template for reshaping your organisation for the digital age.




The world of work is changing. The industrial era model of work is crumbling. Those trying to maintain an industrial era career in the digital age are starting to crumble too as they struggle to cope with

the new realities. The future of work has arrived. Beyond 9 to 5 is written primarily for those who are about to enter the world of work. Understanding the drivers that are shaping tomorrow’s jobs will equip you to make better ‘career’ decisions. This is an empowering book. Understanding the shift from economic dependence to professional mastery will serve to give meaning to your work and in turn your life. The book is equally useful for those mid-career who are starting to realise that the skills that have taken them to this point in their career are not the same as those that will keep them economically relevant and fulfilled going forward. This comprehensive, ‘on the money’ and engaging guide provides both the context and the actions you need to take to design your career. What’s more it will show you how to capitalise on your true nature.

Ade’s frameworks reflect:

  • Today’s macroeconomic realities
  • Emerging technological and scientific innovations
  • The evolving expectations of both workers and clients
  • The need to generate stakeholder value
  • The challenges of operating in a highly volatile environment, where traditional strategic planning is simply ineffective