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Topics: Technology, A.I. Robotics, The Future

Expertise: The Future of Business

David Rowan is founding Editor-in-chief and now Editor-at-large of WIRED’s UK edition, and technology columnist for The [UK] Sunday Times. He’s taken 125 flights in the past year to investigate the companies and entrepreneurs changing our world, recently spending time with the founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, Spotify, Xiaomi, Nest, Twitter and countless other ambitious startups from Tel Aviv to Shenzhen. For a book, he’s currently on a global quest for successful examples of corporate innovation in the face of technology-led disruption. His recent keynote talks have included events for banks, governments and Fortune 100 companies, and recent stage interviews have ranged from will.i.am to James Murdoch and David Cameron. David has been a columnist for The Times, GQ, Condé Nast Traveller and The Guardian. At WIRED he has extended the brand into conferences and a consulting business. He’s an early-stage investor in 40 tech companies and co-founder of FlowJourneys.com, taking amazing people for weekend adventures in the world’s most extraordinary locations. And he is still searching for the future.

David brings his extensive experience as a newspaper and magazine editor, and television broadcaster, to communicating complex trends in clear, accessible ways that give audiences that “Aha” moment of understanding. His presentations are fast-paced, energetic, visually stimulating, packed with concrete examples, and infused with wit.

His recent audiences include leading global banks (Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Barclays); real-estate professionals (CBRE, Cushman & Wakefield); consulting firms (McKinsey, Tata, Capgemini); manufacturing and retail businesses (Castrol, Technogym, Panasonic); and governments. He also moderates for the World Economic Forum and the UK and French governments. Despite his heavy speaking schedule – recent engagements ranged from Brazil to Mumbai – David takes pride in custom-researching every presentation for that particular audience.

He writes a technology column in The Sunday Times, and contributes to publications including WIRED, GQ, The Times, The Guardian, Conde Nast Traveller, and Campaign.


—How smart companies are innovating

—How tech will impact financial services

—How artificial intelligence can boost (not destroy) your business

—Why the world will never move this slowly again

—The future of the workplace

—Lessons from the great disruptors

—How the internet of things is redefining the relationships between business and consumers

—How will emerging technologies affect insurance/ the legal industry/ motoring/ travel/ healthcare?

—How to embrace transformation in an exponential era

—Ten technologies shaping our future

—How utilities will change in the decade ahead

—The future of television

—Ten lessons I’ve learned from the world’s fastest innovators

—New business models that are redefining industries

—The future of insurance / television / food / energy / retail

—The future of the customer experience

David also does a lot of  moderating, chairing and interviewing at events, including moderating for the World Economic Forum, the UK Government’s G8 Innovation Conference, the Duke of York’s startup pitch events, and WIRED’s conferences.


“I wanted to thank you for your time to moderate the G8 Innovation Conference. You set the tone for the day perfectly, engaging the audience and steering the presenters through a very full agenda. The feedback from the day has been overwhelmingly positive, which is largely due to your dynamism, good humour and professionalism.”

David Cameron, Prime Minister, G8 Innovation Conference

“You were a stellar moderator – insightful and challenging to the speakers, witty and engaging for the audience, and very positive to work with.”

World Economic Forum

“Your contribution at the event was terrific. The content was highly relevant & extremely interesting. We also appreciated that you took on board the detail discussed on the briefing call ahead of the event. Your talk received the highest audience review on the feedback application. The level of your professionalism is unrivalled.”

Mercer, Hong Kong

 “David gave a unique and fascinating presentation on the future tech trends which are shaping our industry. He was a very engaging speaker – I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to expand the minds of their audience.”

Broadband World Forum

“We received nothing less than fantastic feedback on your session and the insightful contribution you made to the panel.”

BrainScape, Dubai

“David was fantastic. The content was perfect.  David stuck to the brief we gave him and had clearly prepared materials that were bespoke to Sky. The talk was fast paced, interesting, relevant and accessible.  It set up the innovation session of our agenda really well and I was delighted with the result.”


“You were a superstar! So many people told me how much they enjoyed your lively & interesting presentation, humour and deep & personalised Q&A with the panelists.”

Beco Capital, Dubai

“David is great to work with, has a fantastic presentation and was an asset to the panel session so am sure we will be contacting you about him again.”


“You have exceeded our expectations at our event in Barcelona, and we would like to bring you back once again. I heard so many positive things about your keynote. You delivered an outstanding session.”

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