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Topic: Economics

Expertise: American Politics, Geopolitical Risk, US Elections

John Sitilides, a Washington D.C. government affairs specialist and consultant to the State Department, shares his insights into U.S. and global geopolitical decision-making before high-stakes decision makers and opinion leaders. He explores the complex geopolitical decisions that impact markets in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, helping investors and business audiences understand and mitigate against risk and disruption.

In a turbulent world fraught with military crises, regional tensions, societal disorder and financial uncertainty, knowledge that enhances global investment decisions and international business planning is more valuable and necessary than ever.

Sitilides chairs the State Department’s Advanced Area Studies Program for Greece & Cyprus, in conjunction with the Turkey program (under a U.S. government contract), at the Foreign Service Institute, the Federal Government’s primary training institution for American diplomats, officers and other professionals of the U.S. foreign affairs community. He is also an Experts Team Member at Wikistrat, the premier strategic analysis and forecasting network, and is former Board Chairman of the Wilson Center Southeast Europe Project.

Sitilides has testified before Congress and has conducted hundreds of interviews on American politics, national security and global affairs by broadcast, print and digital media – including Fox News, CNN, CNN International and BBC News, and cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Bloomberg News, Institutional Investor, and other leading broadcast, print and digital media.

Sitilides served as Executive Director of the Western Policy Center, an international relations institute he launched to research and forecast strategic U.S., NATO & EU political, commercial and security issues in southeastern Europe. He directed the center’s strategic planning, policy analysis, political and corporate communications, and financial management until he negotiated its 2004 merger with the Woodrow Wilson Center International Center for Scholars. He also served on the Commerce Department’s Initiative for Technology Cooperation in the Balkans.


  • Sitilides’ presentations focus on U.S. national politics, geopolitical risk and global public policy. Topics and descriptions include the following:
  • “Geopolitical Risk Management,” helping investment fund and business executives understand and mitigate against risk against the backgrop or political, regional or global disruption.
  • “Countdown to 2017: Understanding the Presidential Campaign Strategies,” a penetrating look at key candidates, their probable paths, and how their policies would impact the international systems of political and economic order.


“I thought your presentation at GAIM Ops London was brilliant. As an enthusiastic observer of world events, I found your presentation to be the most concisely informative and interesting presentation I have probably ever heard on the world’s current and future trouble zones.”

Hugh Craigie Halkett, Financial Risk Mitigation, Inc.

John Sitilides gave our keynote talk on geo-political risks at the GAIM Ops Cayman event in April 2017, a 500+ person event for COO/CCO/CFOs in the alternative investment industry. I’ve been working in conferences for 5 years and I can honestly say it was one of the best talks I’ve seen. John provided fascinating insights on geo-political issues including Russia, China, the Middle East, North Korea and Europe – using simple techniques like turning maps on their side to really bring a new perspective to your understanding of the issues and appreciate their significance on a whole new level. Mixed with really cutting edge and update to date knowledge of the topic and latest political developments, an! d the fact John is an excellent and engaging speaker, made for a fascinating presentation. Our audience loved it. The room was packed and it’s been rated as a favorite session by many of the attendees. John is top of my list for any geo-political analysis in the future.

Cosimo Montagu

Director & Editor-in-Chief, GAIM Ops & GAIM | KNect365