Dr Mary Aiken is the world’s leading expert in Forensic Cyberpsychology which is a discipline that combines psychology, criminology, and technology to investigate the intersection where technology and human behaviour meet. She has a Masters of Science in Cyberpsychology and a PhD in Forensic Cyberpsychology, her research interests include cyber security, cyber-reporting of crime, cyberstalking, virtual behavioral profiling, virtual research methodology, virtual reality treatment of PTSD, cyberchondria, organized cyber crime, the cyber rights of the child, and technology facilitated human trafficking.

She has advised at national and European level in policy debates at the intersection of technology and human behavior. In 2013 she was appointed to the Irish Government Internet Content Governance Advisory Group, and co-led a White House research team as part of the Obama Administration’s initiative ‘Tech. v’s Human Trafficking’. In 2016 Mary completed an International research project investigating youth behavioral escalation online, undertaken in conjunction with INTERPOL and a number of International police forces, she is a member of the INTERPOL Specialists Group on Crimes Against Children.

In “The Cyber Effect” her first book, Aiken has created a starting point for all future conversations about how the Internet and our devices are shaping our perception of the world, development and behaviour, societal norms and values, children, safety, and security. Cyberspace is an environment full of surveillance, but who is looking out for us? The Cyber Effect offers a fascinating and chilling look at a future we can still do something about.

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