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“Beauty is the ultimate metric” – Robert Poynton

As a business innovator, Alan Moore’s life mission is to make every business on the planet as beautiful as they can possibly be. He does this by changing the way people think about the world and how their businesses can succeed by being beautiful in everyway. By consciously designing better products, services, experiences: By creating cultures of learning internally, as well as creating entirely new concepts of what a business or an industry could be; beautiful businesses are proven to be attractive to employees, buyers and investors. A beautiful business is a profitable business.

Alan believes beautiful businesses are the future.

Alan has designed and created everything from books to businesses. Working on six continents, he has shared his knowledge in the form of board and advisory positions at companies such as Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and Coca Cola, workshops, speaking as well as teaching in institutions as wide ranging as MIT and Reading University, Sloan School of Management and INSEAD.

Alan’s unique creative capacity to work alongside companies who need his skills and knowledge helps them transform what they do and how they translate that into commercial success. Described as ‘lovingly disruptive’, Alan offers his clients a viable creative vision of what their businesses can become whilst keeping them honest and true to core values.

The author of four books including his international best sellers No Straight Lines: Making sense of our nonlinear world (2011) and Do Design: Why beauty is key to everything (2016), Alan has spoken at the inspirational not for profit ideas festival the Do Lectures, at SXSW and the Hay Literary Festival. His work has featured in UK and international media such as, The BBC, The Guardian, Latin America’s HSM, The Huffington Post, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Elle, Grafik and It’s Nice That.

Alan still works as an artist. He tries everyday to lead a life as beautifully as he possibly can.

DO/DESIGN … Why beauty is the key to everything

So much passes us by, unnoticed. We multi-task, switch between screens, work faster. When was the last time you paused to consider a beautifully made object or stunning natural landscape? Yet this is when our spirits lift, our soul is restored.

Do Design invites us to rethink not only what we produce – whether it’s a website, a handmade chair, or a business – but how and why. With examples from Apple, Yeo Valley and Blitz Motorcycles, we are encouraged to ask: Is it useful and considered. Is it a thing of beauty?




Alan Moore’s book on beauty links the history of that which has been simply made, to that which has been extraordinarily made. The difference is that which is engineered, to what is crafted, to what is designed.’

John Maeda
Automattic – previously President Rhode Island School of Design, Partner at KCPB.

‘I read your book Do Design on why beauty is key to everything. What you described in the book is not just an approach to design, it’s a way of life.’

Karen Hodkinson – ID magazine


Alan deliver talks that change the way people understand and think about their business and the world in which we live. With the insights he have developed from years of research, he works with companies from around the world to explore an intriguing question — ‘What would your business look like if it were more beautiful?” What is a beautiful business, and, what does it mean in practice?

By demonstrating how we can use beauty as a lens, with design as an application, Alan shows people how to find opportunities for improving their business and its impact on the planet, whatever the sector. It is an alternative worldview that is practical and actionable. A CEO recently asked him ‘Can any business be beautiful?’, his reply was ‘Why would you want to do it any other way?’

Beautiful Leaders

01: Insight into how businesses and their marketplace will look in the future.
02: Why purpose led businesses are more successful
03: Explore what beautiful leadership looks like
04: How ethical businesses yield high financial returns
05: Why quick-fix leadership creates ugly outcomes
06: How to build and lead a design led business that delivers meaning, purpose and integrity
07: How beauty as a lens can help investors make better decisions.

Beautiful Makers

01: Why beauty as a philosophy and practice helps us craft better things that endure
02: How meaningful consumer experience plays a key role in commercial success
03: How to code beauty and design beautiful AI
04: Discover how beautiful business scales
05: Insights into how to design a restorative, successful business

Alan’s previous talks have been for Microsoft, Husqvarna, Interface, The Guardian, McLaren Automotive, KPN Holland, The Coca Cola Company, Robeco, Google, IBM, WPP, GSMA, The Brazilian Bankers Association, ACCEL, Sogeti, Filippa K, Music Television, HP, The Hay Literature Festival, The Do Lectures, SXSW,  as well as for business schools including MIT and Sloan School of Management.

Whether at an intimate event, an away day, a conference or a team get together, Alan can help people tune up their business to become beautiful and profitable.

The beginning of a beautiful future starts with a beautiful talk

Compiled from The Beautiful Business Newsletters and Compendiums. This is the first list of 50 Beautiful Businesses. These businesses inspire a different way of looking at the world. We celebrate people who explore beauty beyond the superficial and strive to deliver truth, meaning and authenticity through beautiful products, experiences and solutions: Things beautifully made with the latest technology or uniquely handcrafted, buildings that are beautiful in their conception and construction, food grown and cooked which is restorative and sensual, beautiful culture that will nourish one’s soul…all, Living Beautifully.

‘Alan is the best I know in describing, if not predicting, why the future of business looks the way it does, and knowing what it means. But more than that, he knows how to apply that connective insight and knowledge. Alan would be invaluable to any company exploring ‘what next?’ means to them and what they might do about it. Especially if they wanted to make it beautiful’.

Menno van Doorn – Director of Sogeti Labs Research Institute.


“ The human spirit needs beauty and can’t successfully live without it; and we will all strive for more 

beauty in our lives given half the chance.”

Fiona Reynolds Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge.