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Peter is a Psychologist with a flair for engaging audiences, and he’s never more at home than when he’s entertaining people with the science of human behaviour.

Before Peter became a Psychologist he was a professional dancer. He is an expert in the relationship between the mind and the moving body. Traditional ways of understanding the mind and the body have led us to believe that we think, and do clever stuff, with our mind and we play, and do fun stuff, with our body, and that the best way to learn is to keep the body under tight control.

However, a new set of scientific research has changed all this. We now know that the way we hold and move our body has a profound impact on the way we think, learn, behave and take risks.  The way we move our body even influences our hormone-based stress levels. So, if you want to change the way you think you can start by changing the way you use your body.

Understanding how the body influences the mind can help you to change the way you learn and solve problems. It can help you to unlock reserves of creativity and it can help you to increase your interpersonal power and reduce unwanted stress.

His work has since been reported on TV, radio and in the national and international press. He have given many keynotes around the world (including five TEDx talks and dozens of TED-style talks).

He has also  appeared on TV shows for major networks, including Strictly Come Dancing: It takes two, The Graham Norton Show, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Big Brother’s (and Celebrity Big Brother’s) Bit on the Side.

Peter shared keynote sessions with Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Using dance and the spoken word Peter performed to a live audience of 11,000 people at the Qualtrics X4 Summit in Utah. On 6th March 2019 Peter spoke (and danced) in the same session as Barack Obama and on the next day Peter spoke (and grooved) in the same session as the inspirational Oprah Winfrey.
He most recent book (April 2020) is called The Dance Cure, the surprising secret to being smarter, stronger, happier.

Humans are born to dance. And in today’s sedentary world, we would all benefit from doing more of it. Science shows that just ten minutes of dancing provides a thorough work out for the body and brain, raising the heartbeat to cause a release of feel-good endorphins, connecting us to our emotions and reducing our stress levels. Dancing quite simply makes us feel more alive.

Dr Peter Lovatt, a former professional dancer turned dance psychologist, has spent the past two decades studying why we dance and what it does for us, and is on a personal mission to make dancing as natural an activity in our daily lives as walking or drinking coffee.

Filled with fascinating case studies from his research as well as great stories from dance history, The Dance Cure will inspire even those who think they can’t dance to turn the music on, get up on the floor and dance themselves happy.

He is the author of Dance Psychology: The Science of Dance and Dancers.

Dance Psychology is the study of dance and dancers from a scientific, psychological perspective. Written by Dr Peter Lovatt (AKA Dr Dance), this Dance Psychology textbook provides a general introduction to the Psychology of Dance and then it delves in to eleven of the most central questions concerning Dance Psychology. Are humans born to dance? Does the way you move your body change the way you think? Will dancing make people happier? Can dancing put people in to a trance-like state? Will a person’s dance confidence change across the lifespan? Does dancing make people healthier? Why do we enjoy watching some dance performances more than others? How do dancers remember so many dance routines? Why don’t dancers get dizzy? Will dancing improve a person’s self-esteem? How do we communicate emotions with our body? Drawing on academic literature, this book is engaging, technical and, in places, critical; it is essential reading for anyone with an interest in Dance Psychology.

He has addressed policy makers, business leaders and government ministers from around the world.


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“Peter was amazing at Qualtrics – he brought an awesome energy to the room that got people fired up, dancing and learning at the same time. It was a great experience from start to finish and I can’t wait to hear him speak again.”

Ryan Smith, CEO Qualtrics