Dr. Mary Aiken

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Topics: Cyberpsychology, 

Expertise: Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech

Dr Mary Aiken is the world’s leading expert in Cyberpsychology – the study of the impact of technology on human behaviour. She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at University College Dublin and the Academic Advisor (Psychology) to the European Cyber Crime Centre (EC3) at Europol. She is a Research Fellow at the School of Law, Middlesex University, Fellow of the Society for Chartered IT Professionals, and has served as a Distinguished Professor of the Practice of Cyber Analytics, and Sensemaking Fellow at the IBM Network Science Research Centre. She has a Master’s of Science in Cyberpsychology and a PhD in Forensic Cyberpsychology.

Her numerous research areas include; organised cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyber behavioural profiling, technology facilitated human trafficking, cyberchondria, Artificial Intelligence, cyber ethics, child welfare in cyberspace, personal cyber security and safety.

She is recognised as an expert at national and European level in policy debates at the intersection of technology and human behaviour. In 2013 She co-led a White House research team focused on “Tackling Technology Facilitated Human Trafficking” and was appointed by the Department of Communications to the Internet Content Governance Advisory Group. She is a spokesperson and expert contributor to the European Commission’s Safer Internet Day and an Observer to the INTERPOL Specialists Group.

In 2014 Mary was inaugurated into SameShield a US organisation that honours women’s leadership in traditionally closed professions. She was recently appointed to the advisory board of The Hague Justice Portal, and is a Strategic Advisor to Paladin Capital Group a leading global investor in advanced technologies and solutions that protect critical infrastructure.

Prior to returning full time to academia in 2007, she held the position of Senior Vice President and European board member of an American Public Company, and specialised in consumer behavioural profiling, innovation methodology and future thinking.

In 2016 Mary was named as one of the Top 50 Most Inspiring Women in Technology in Europe. In 2017, Dr Mary Aiken was inducted into the Infosecurity Europe Hall of Fame, in recognition of her contribution to the information and cybersecurity sectors.

The CBS primetime show CSI:Cyber was inspired by the work of Cyberpsychologist Dr Mary Aiken. Her recent book, The Cyber Effect has been widely reviewed and was selected by the Times as a 2016 ‘book of the year’ in the Thought Category, and 2016 ‘best science pick’ by Nature the International Journal of Science.

The Cyber Effect: A Pioneering Cyberpsychologist Explains How Human Behaviour Changes Online, A ground-breaking exploration of how cyberspace is changing the way we think, feel and behave.



The Cyber Effect offers a fascinating and chilling look at a future we can still do something about.



“Just as Rachel Carson launched the modern environmental movement with her Silent Spring, Mary Aiken delivers a deeply disturbing, utterly penetrating and urgently timely investigation into the perils of the largest unregulated social experiment of our time.”


“ Drawing on a fascinating and mind-boggling range of research and knowledge, Mary Aiken has written a great, important book that terrifies then consoles by pointing a way forward so that our experience online might not outstrip our common sense. A must-read for this moment in time.”STEVEN LEVITT, co-author of the New York Times bestseller Freakonomics

Onstage with the ‘CSI: Cyber” panel as part of the CBS US press tour, California.  (L-R, Front Row) Actors Charley Koontz, Hayley Kiyoko, Peter MacNicol, Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek and Shad Moss, (l-r back row) Producer/cyber psychologist Mary Aiken, executive producer Pam Veasey and executive producer Anthony Zuiker

The Cyber Effect has now been translated into Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Arabic




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