For many students the process of applying for a job after university can be a frightening prospect – and there are 80 applicants for every job! This handbook is full of hard facts on maximising your employability, statistics, case studies of real graduates in employment and practical advice.

Getting It Right: A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting the Best Graduates

Published 2011



How do you make sure you attract, retain and inspire the best quality graduates to apply for your organisation? Aimed directly at graduate recruiters, this book is unique in that it offers a first-hand insight into how graduate recruitment really works in today’s post-Crunch job market.

A Parent’s Guide to Graduate Jobs: How to Help Your Child Get a Job After Uni

Published 2012

A unique book for parents on how to have a positive impact on their child’s future prospects and give them the best chance of getting work when they graduate. Find out how to increase a child’s employability, boost their earning potential and equip them with essential work skills.