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Topics: Leadership, Innovation

Expertise: Customers, Change, Innovation, Leadership

Hamish Taylor is an award winning CEO whose career has taken him from the international consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, consultancy firm Price Waterhouse and Head of Branding at British Airways to become CEO of the channel tunnel railway Eurostar, and then CEO of Sainsbury’s Bank, all before he was 40 years old.

“Is there such a thing as a perfect CV?
Probably not, but in terms of the quality and profile of companies worked for, jobs done, education and achievement,
Hamish Taylor’s takes some beating.”
The Times

In all cases, he left behind a record of significant business growth triggered by a willingness to challenge the normal way of doing things – so much so that his advice and assistance is now sought by organisations all over the world in many different industries.

Hamish’s energetic, thought provoking and humorous keynotes are based on a rare combination of real stories and a fantastic ability to inspire audiences with tailored advice and practical tools. Regularly featured in broadcast media, today Hamish acts as an advisor to some of the world’s largest companies (and Governments) assisting with specific innovation projects, customer focus and/or people leadership.

Here is his video piece on Master Thief; Lessons in driving innovation and change by stealing ideas from the outside.

As the self-appointed chief dumbing down officer in each of his roles, his approach is simple – but highly effective in delivering breakthroughs:-

  • First of all, change the way you look at your customers (both internal and external). If you look at your customers the same way, you will get the same answers and keep doing the same things.
  • You need to use your customer insights to create a new leadership tool – a simple customer promise as a platform for ALL future activity that puts
  • customer benefit at the heart. Your customer doesn’t care about what you do, but about how they benefit as a result of what you do – so use this as your key purpose.
  • You must look to other environments and industries if you want breakthrough ideas for product, service, process, leadership and much more. The Inspired Leaders Network dubbed him the Master Thief due to his track record in this area.
  • Concentrate your major energy on changing the way you engage with your team to ensure you can deliver the customer promise. Simply communicating what you want people to do will not get you the culture change you require.

Hamish’s keynotes will demonstrate the major breakthroughs that can be achieved by changing your approach. Hamish’s message can be tailored to a variety of topics and levels within any organisation.

Hamish’s presentations crackle with energy and original insights that make even our group of top-level, seasoned, high-achieving UK business and public sector leaders think ‘Crikey: that’s inspiring!

Why didn’t I think of that!?’ And these are people who it’s hard to impress

Chairman, The Inspired Leaders Network