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Topic: Technology

Expertise: Technology & Innovation, Reputation Economics, How emerging technologies are threatening to topple existing financial economies.

“Josh Klein takes you on a journey that helps you escape the confines of traditional thinking and explore new ways of doing things that help you achieve results quicker and smarter.”

    – Marilyn Williams, Partnership Development Manager, Best Buy

Josh Klein is the quintessential hacker – a cross-disciplinary, pattern recognizing polymath who takes his greatest joy from combining the unexpected and seeing the result work in new and better ways.” A passionate hacker of all things, he examines systems, takes them apart, and he puts different pieces together to produce something new and more effective. He hacks everything. His list includes social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behavior, and many more. Klein knows that the greatest innovations come from rethinking ordinary situations, or hacking; a do-it-yourself movement with roots inside the engineering community.

A hacker is someone who is willing to take a system apart to create new opportunities.

A “hack” in the traditional engineering sense is a clever re-use of technology or systems to achieve a superior result. It’s also increasingly the most common means of innovation available to any organization or individual. Join Joshua Klein as he explains how hacking allows success everywhere, for anyone – from the tooth fairy to the publishing industry -and how we as hackers can herald global improvements by being exactly who we are.

Josh has relevant insight other consultants cannot match, with 15 years’ experience consulting to governments, corporations, and startups. His background has seen him spend serious time both in the trenches coding and cracking, and in the boardroom managing development and deployments.

He has been interviewed on programs such as Nova, Discovery, and the Sundance Channel. He was the host of the popular National Geographic series, The Link, on the history of innovation across the globe, and  another one for Discovery called Smart China,

Josh has been heard on radio stations around the world, from NPR in the USA, to India Today in India, to the Swedish National Radio… in Sweden. He was recently the voice of the leading hacker in Google’s hit alternate reality game, Ingress, featured online and on Android Phones.

Hacking_Work Reputation_Economics

He has written for The Guardian, The Harvard Business Review, Fortune, Make Magazine and others, has been interviewed by The New York Times, Oprah Magazine, Wired Magazine, La Monde, Kommersant, The Seattle PI, and sites such as Discovery, Buzzmachine, BoingBoing, and others on topics ranging from cybersecurity to alternative publishing models to crows. He wrote and published a science-fiction novel, R’ood (one of the first Print-On-Demand books available on, co-authored the enormously popular business book, Hacking Work, on how to create innovation from within the organization by breaking the rules (Penguin, 2011), and recently published Reputation Economics (MacMillan, 2014) detailing how emerging technologies are threatening to topple existing financial economies.”.

Josh was the host of National Geographic’s series, The Link, and more recently the host of Discovery Channel’s series, Smart China.


  • DAVOS; What we’re overlooking about four big trends in IT, and how their confluence spells big change for our world.
  • BIF; Innovation is something anyone can do from the CIA to the Tooth Fairy. Here’s how.
  • SXSW; The very latest in hacking tools and attack methodologies, and how to defend against them.
  • TED; How to train crows to bring us spare change – and how a collaborative viewpoint on pest species can better the world.

Josh Klein is a brilliant speaker who delivers tangible content in a very humorous and easy to absorb manner.