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Expertise: Ethical Hacker, Translating technology insights into actionable strategies.
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Josh Klein

Josh Klein is the quintessential hacker – a cross-disciplinary, pattern recognizing polymath who takes his greatest joy from combining the unexpected and seeing the result work in new and better ways.

Josh is a passionate hacker of all things. He examines systems, he takes them apart, and he puts different pieces together to produce something new and more effective. He hacks. Everything. His list includes social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behavior, and many more. Josh knows that the greatest innovations come from rethinking ordinary situations, or hacking; a do-it-yourself movement with roots inside the engineering community.

Josh started as a technology hacker in his parent’s basement and ended up working with leaders at the upper echelon of business, government, and internet security. Along the way it became clear that a tipping point in new technology was changing commerce as we knew it in a myriad of ways.

From black market economies to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, from the radical departures in exchange and marketing enabled by Big Data to the as-yet-unrealized impact of 3D printing and the Internet of Things, Josh has specialized in translating technology insights into actionable strategies for business leaders.


“My brain is still splattered against the wall from this morning.”

– Nikole Yinger, Producer, Bloomberg TV

“Normally I’m not captured by many keynotes but your presentation was awesome… and very scary. My attendees LOVED it! You were the talk of the conference. Thank you!”

– Steven Stout, Organizer, HITEC

“Josh Klein is a natural born storyteller with a real knack for capturing – and keeping – an audience engaged. Authentic and irreverent, it’s always a pleasure to see Josh on stage.”

– Melissa Withers, Executive Director, Business Innovation Factory

“Josh is not only a hacker of work; he’s a hacker of speaking. He ignores conventions that suck energy out of a room and turn listeners to zombies. He opens eyes. He boggles minds. He doesn’t just tippy toe up to the edge, he hits it going 100 miles an hour. Hire this deviant to speak to your group. I dare you.”
 – Jim Ericson, founder, The Masters Forum


Josh has spoken at events including Davos and TED. He has presented to audiences around the world as well as to corporate groups from Microsoft or Mastercard to representatives of the CIA and NSA.

His topics cover the gamut of technological innovation, from cyber-security breakdowns to our evolving technological future.

Josh’s presentations are specifically designed to:

• Deliver walk-away strategies, insights, and methods listeners can apply to their businesses that day
• Reference real-life scenarios – in both success and failure – listeners can relate to, not just theory
• Be as up-to-date as possible: technology moves too fast to base strategy on 5-year-old anecdotes
• Change listener’s thinking, both about what the risks are, and where opportunity can be created

The following presentations are immediately available, or Josh can create a custom presentation expressly for your business:

Example Presentation Topics:

– AI, Deepfakes, and a post-truth future: how recent advances have radically exploded common conceptions of what KYC really means, and how authentication and authenticity will make or break your business.

– Proliferating Attack Surfaces: We all know that new technologies are changing the state of play at an unprecedented rate. Learn how radical reinvention is the new normal, and how a security perspective can help you navigate new technology curve balls to your advantage. 

– Social Uber Allis: Recent technology advances all have one thing in common in their impact: they revolve around human perception and expectation. Well beyond social engineering, cybersecurity stands to see new challenges and great opportunities by leaning in to what new tech can do for us, by us, and as us. 

PEOPLE VS ROBOTS – HOW BOTH WILL WIN: The question is… how? From the gig economy to fully automated luxury capitalism, society is only just starting to respond to the tidal wave of disruption these technologies represent. Dig into the impact Robots, AI, and Big Data will have on your job and the work of your employees, and learn how to get ahead of the risk – and your competition – in maximizing the under-considered opportunities the shift to hyper-human skilling represents.

FACEBOOK VS GOEBBLES: HOW DOES TECH CONTROL US?: We know we’re more predictable than we suspect, but what does the scale and scope of data about us – as employees and consumers – mean for the evolution of business? Learn about the responsibilities this is likely to entail, the risks of getting it wrong, and how to positively bring the impending era of hyper personalized cognitive modeling to bear on your existing (and future) markets.

Josh provides emerging technology insight for organizations large or small, turning this insight into marketleading strategy for both product or service and business model evolution. His deep technology background and extensive work history with Fortune 400 level organizations enables him to quickly cut through hype to find where an organization can get maximum leverage, mitigating risk and providing first-mover advantage.

Josh Klein is a brilliant speaker who delivers tangible content in a very humorous and easy to absorb manner.


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