Junheng Li

Expertise: Chinese Economy, Financial Markets, The Global Economy
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Junheng Li

Junheng LI runs JL Warren Capital, a China focused equity research firm based in New York. She is also a contributor to Bloomberg on China

She is the author of “Tiger Woman on Wall Street: Winning Strategies from Shanghai to New York and Back,”. Her research utilizes high frequency, real time, big data algorithms and bottom-up, fundamental research to identify variant views and market inefficiencies in stocks, companies and economies. She is a highly demanded global keynote speaker.

Prior to founding JL Warren, Junh was a senior equity analyst at Aurarian Capital Management, a long and short equity hedge fund best known for its investigative research into companies mis-priced by the marketplace.

Before joining Aurarian, Junh was an investment officer in the global small/middle capitalization team at Franklin Templeton Fiduciary. Before Fiduciary, she was an investment banking analyst in Media and Telecommunications Group at Credit Suisse First Boston based in New York.

Junh’s work has appeared on Forbes, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, MarketWatch, Daily Beast, and Caixin, among others. She has also appeared on television and radio programs including CNBC, The Street, Bloomberg, CCTV, NPR, and Bravo.

Junh received an MBA from Columbia Business School and a BA in Economics from Middlebury College (summa cum laude, with Honours in Economics).

Tiger Woman on Wall Street is both the remarkable, dramatic story of one woman’s rise in the global business world and a savvy guide to finance and investing. With unflinching candor, Junheng Li tells how a brainy, focused, highly driven Chinese girl who admired Scarlett O’Hara’s indomitable spirit drew on the best of both worlds to go where few women have gone before: straight to the top of the financial industry. With her extensive personal and business experience in both China and the United States, Li has an intimate knowledge of both Chinese and American sensibilities, economies, and cultures.

Tiger Woman on Wall Street takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most important financial markets, from the daily routine of trading to high-level meetings with executives, policy makers, and analysts. Li conveys in fascinating and revealing detail how she arrives at her investing decisions—a powerful combination of keen intuition, meticulous due diligence, and razor-sharp analysis. Li argues that the current Chinese business growth model has hit a wall and shows why investors need to keep both eyes firmly open when investing—especially in China.

Striking a rare balance between page-turning storytelling and practical investing guide, Tiger Woman on Wall Street shows how one woman has navigated her way through and thrived in this increasingly complicated and exciting period in modern financial history.

Tiger Woman on Wall Street includes a detailed industry and macro discussion that will be helpful to students of China and investment alike. The book analyzes Chinese local government financing vehicles and the Chinese banking and shadow banking sector in comparison to the American and European banking sector. It provides a detailed look at sectors including education, luxury retail, baby formula, search engines, e-commerce and internet, and solar and renewable energy. Specific companies analyzed include New Oriental, Yum! Brands, Richemont, BYD, Sina, Baidu, Qihoo, Google, Garmin, American Superconductor Corporation, Apple, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Ctrip, E-Commerce China Dangdang, Sino-Forest, Swatch Group, and LVHM.

Forbes: Buyer Beware: A Black View of China From a Tiger Woman on Wall Street

“The profound implications for China’s investing environment can be summarized into two words: “buyer beware,” writes Junheng Li … This book … is a treasury of her knowledge on how to exploit rampant market inefficiencies to make a profit in China.” – Forbes

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