Marc Hauser

Expertise: Facing Fears, Risk, Challenge, Change
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Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser has had extreme outdoor experiences: not only was he standing at -40° in a hot air balloon in the middle of a strong gale-force wind- in 2018 he was also the first human being to jump out of this basket into the jet stream. Since 2012, he holds the world record as the fastest human being in horizontal freefall.

He successfully faced his fears during his adventure in Australia, but until today he never really got rid of his fear of heights. The Guinness world record holder is a specialist for decisions at the limit. How to become a master of your own fear and how to use daring and confidence in an innovative way is revealed in a passionate presentation with great depth and humour.

In his adventures, the entrepreneur does not rely on chance: thanks to the self-developed prototype of his flight suit, Marc Hauser was ready for the big leap. DER SPIEGEL calls him the “ambassador for the impetuous power of the high winds”.  BBC World News accompanied him with a three-part report that was broadcast globally and reported, among other things, on the largely unknown phenomenon of high wind energy generation.

His theme is courage: the courage to dream big, the courage to innovate – and the courage to achieve goals. He shows his audience how we get from dreaming to doing.

Marc Hauser – Stories Which Inspire

With captivating storytelling and breathtaking pictures between heaven and earth the pioneer Marc Hauser inspires. His lively and humorous narrative style guarantees the best entertainment with strong content, Swiss charm and a good portion of self-irony create an atmosphere that almost magically inspires events.

Courage for the Future – The Energy of Tomorrow

As a pioneer who was the first to fly freefall through the jetstream, Hauser demonstrates the incredible energy potential of high winds. BBC World News accompanied him with a three-part report. High wind energy is one of the hopes for a sustainable future.

Courage to be Heroic

How to become a world record holder in extreme parachuting – despite fear of heights: This is how we get from dreaming to doing. Hauser shares the small secret of great success with his audience.

“Thank you for your inspiring lecture at the HP Partner Forum. I would also like to thank you for the quality and the perfect presentation. The reaction was brilliant – the HP dealers gave you very good grades. You were the highlight of the event!”

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