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Mark DeVolder

Mark DeVolder is the Change Specialist and a pioneer in the field of transition management. Unique in the industry, DeVolder is one of the few speakers who teaches leaders how to change. As an award-winning speaker and recipient of the Top 10 Speaker Award in Change Management, Mark is a frequent presenter at high-level management meetings around the world, both live and virtual … from coaching NASA rocket scientists how to re-create themselves to the cultural transformation of a $42 billion merger; from pivoting to a safety-first culture in Qatar’s oil industry to preparing Egypt’s largest company to restructure itself. Mark teaches leaders about Perpetual Pivot, the process of adapting to continuous change through reinvention, innovation and anticipation.

In addition to cutting-edge content, Mark brings high-energy, humor and audience interaction to all his presentations. He uses his skill as a master storyteller to draw people into the essence of his message. Whether live or on a virtual stage, Mark has the ability to connect deeply with people: “Mark kept us glued to our screen” and “Mark was inspiring and kept the audience charged.”

Across five continents and in over 25 countries, Mark has worked with a myriad of impressive and diverse organizations, large and small, including NASA, McDonald’s, GE, Autodesk, Coca-Cola, Marriott, Siemens, Medtronic, PepsiCo, Bristol-Myers Squibb, PWC, HILTI, Verizon, Orascom Construction and Monsanto. Mark has engaged and delighted audiences from Monaco to Dubai, from Singapore to London and from Istanbul to Barcelona.

As a researcher, consultant and author, Mark has written the multi-disciplinary book on managing change, entitled, Perpetual Pivot: How the Best Leaders Adapt to Exponential Change. His second book, Get Engaged, is a practical guide for improving employee engagement. Mark’s first publication was his doctoral dissertation which studied the elements of diversity, inclusion and teambuilding, entitled Unity in Diversity Through Synergy.

Mark’s Talks:

Make the Future Amazing

Navigating Change with Confidence and Excitement

Imagine a new way to change: unhurried, composed, and confident instead of the usual frenzy, chaos, and uncertainty. The Empowered Change strategy presented in this high-impact keynote equips participants to transform the pace of change and drive sustainable success by providing a clear roadmap for navigating the stages of change.

This program is perfect for leaders and teams in the midst of constant change who are:

  • Going through organizational growth, such as mergers and acquisitions, leadership changes, restructuring, and digital transformation
  • Navigating their team members’ reactions to the volatility, complexity, and ambiguity in their work and life (like frustration, anxiety, confusion, and fear)
  • Feeling unprepared for their evolving roles and responsibilities or unable to change at the rate and pace needed to keep up with ever-increasing changes

After this intensely practical session, the audience will leave with:

  • A Journey-map framework for understanding any change they experience
  • A personal plan for confidently navigating the transitions between each stage of change  
  • The skills and mindset for boldly mobilizing through disruptive change to accomplish their objectives

Master Your Mind, Master the Chaos

Leadership Secrets for Successfully Navigating Change

Drawing from more than two decades of working with global industry leaders, Mark distills the secrets of effective change leadership into the five essential mindsets demonstrated by top leaders.

This program is perfect for leaders and managers who are:

  • -Leading significant organizational changes that require alignment, buy-in, and engagement
  • -Struggling to keep up with the constant evolution of work, including remote/hybrid work, digital transformations, and new business models
  • -Needing to adapt to, anticipate, and initiate disruption in their industry

During Mark’s high-octane presentation, your audience will learn how to:

  • -Avoid change-paralysis and develop change-ready thinking and behaviors
  • -Overcome decision-quicksand and make smart decisions faster
  • -Develop a leadership mindset for navigating themselves and their team through any change

How to manage change in a complex business world

Bursting with break-through discoveries, Perpetual Pivot shows leaders the future of work: how to adapt to rapid change, create inclusive teams empowered with synergistic potential, and attract, empower and keep the best employees.

In this eye-opening new book, Mark DeVolder takes us on a journey through the confusing, uncertain and sometimes perilous world of exponential change. Never before in history have leaders faced our current level of fast and extreme change, where chaos, disruption and crisis have become the norm. He asks the question, how do we successfully navigate through such a world?

His answer is that we must learn the skills of Perpetual Pivot, a continuous process of adapting, reinvention and anticipation. You will be guided through the storm by world-renowned authority on Change Management, Dr. Mark DeVolder.

Along the way, Mark introduces us to extraordinary leaders involved high profile changes. You will meet the CEO responsible for reinventing Egypt’s largest company, executives who adapted to a $42 Billion merger, the CEO who predicted the future for his industry, and the prison doctor who risked everything to deliver a secret message for Nelson Mandela from Robbin Island.

Throughout the book, DeVolder offers practical and illuminating insights into the dynamics of change and transition management for our business and our personal lives―and their surprising interconnectedness to leadership, employee engagement, team building, innovation and resilience. Entertaining, thought-provoking and intensely practical, Perpetual Pivot provides a perfect balance between theory and practice. Most importantly, Mark explains HOW to pivot. The book is filled with concrete tools and strategies that increase personal agility, rewires thinking and shines a light on future trends.

Perpetual Pivot’s most valuable insights include:

  • How to REINVENT yourself boldly, nimbly, quickly
  • How to SHIFT your leadership style to empowering others
  • How to INCREASE team performance through synergy
  • How to PIVOT from resistance to engagement
  • How to SUSTAIN success with resilience

Perpetual Pivot presents vital lessons for managing change — and best of all, shows you how to apply them to your own business and personal life.

Mark DeVolder is one of today’s original thinkers on transitions and is a frequent presenter at top management meetings around the world. He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders like NASA, Medtronic, MacDonald’s, Siemens, PepsiCo and Qatar Petroleum. In this book you will find clear thinking and clear direction around managing change in our modern world of business.

Topic and New Keynote Description

Perpetual Pivot: How to Navigate through Transitions

Never before have leaders faced our current level of fast and extreme change, where chaos, disruption and crisis have become the norm. Mark asks, how do we successfully navigate through such a world? His answer is that we must learn the skills of Perpetual Pivot, a continuous process of adapting, reinvention and anticipation. Mark explains that the hardest part of change is the transition. Consequently, he shows leaders how to traverse through the maze. Deeply practical, leaders will learn how to walk through the door of uncertainty into the future, armed with tools to successfully navigate transitions.

Virtual Testimonials:

Mark kept us glued to our screen, very entertaining and interactive, a true artist!”

Simone Zatti, Marketing Director, Hilti

“Mark’s virtual keynote energized the audience and he provided us with tools to apply to our organization.”

Sharon Chen, Professional Engineers Ontario

“Mark’s presentation was such a breath of fresh air!  An incredible delivery!  The mark of a professional!

Jeff Reynolds, Advisor/Principal, Plan It Financial Corp

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