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Expertise: Family Business, Strategy, Brand Marketing & Leadership.
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Martin Roll

Martin Roll is a world-renowned thought-leader, global business strategist and senior advisor to Fortune 100 and prominent business families on the most important issues in managing successful global businesses and exercising great leadership.

In a hyper connected and fast-paced, digitalized world, he counsels an impressive global client base on how to manage strong, winning brands through the impactful leadership of high-performing, customer-centric businesses.

“The success of Next-Generation Business Leaders will be defined by their ability and willingness to drive a powerful transformation agenda: Daring, Bold & Different”

He is very experienced in engaging and advising clients at all management levels from business owners and C-suite leaders to functional staff across multiple industries and diverse cultures.
He is an advisor to several global boards and prominent business families.

He is a highly accomplished and experienced keynote speaker at global conferences, an experienced inspiring and engaging conference moderator and board level  executive workshop facilitator. Martin Roll provides deep expertise and rich experiences with great impact to captive audiences, and delivers a wealth of actionable insights, perspectives and best global practices.

He teaches MBA, EMBA and Executive Education programs at Nanyang Business School (Singapore), and is a frequent guest lecturer at INSEAD, ESSEC, Skolkovo, Copenhagen Business School and other leading global business schools. He is also an Associate Fellow at The Institute on Asian Consumer Insight (ACI) and has been a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company.

He is an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD.

A a member of the global Advisory Council of Welspun Group (Mumbai), a non-executive board of director at the Scandinavian watch brand ORLO (Copenhagen) and a Senior Advisor to Cocoon Capital (Singapore).

Martin Roll is a business columnist with INSEAD Knowledge, a prolific management writer, and a regular commentator in leading global media. He is the author of global bestseller “Asian Brand Strategy” (2015) and co-author of “The Future of Branding” (2016). New books in pipeline: How Successful Leaders Raise the Bar (2018), and Strategy for Family Businesses (2019).

Martin Roll has lived in Asia for two decades and serve clients on all continents. Martin Roll holds an MBA from INSEAD.  He is presently based between Copenhagan and Singapore.


Building successful global brands is – and will be – critical for the rapidly increasing number of Asian champions on the global stage. Martin Roll provides a compelling and practical roadmap on how to do this based on his extensive experience advising Asian corporations.’
-Dominic Barton, Global Managing Director, McKinsey & Company

Building brands have become a C-suite topic in Asia as Asian firms seek to globalize. Martin Roll provides a compelling framework, clear guidelines and multiple insights into successfully brand marketing. A must read for anyone interested in the rise of Asia from the leading expert.
-David Aaker, Vice-Chairman of Prophet, author of Aaker on Branding

‘Martin Roll’s Asian Brand Strategy provides superb motivation and substance into Asian brands and branding. It offers invaluable inspiration and guidance into one of the hottest areas of marketing.’
-Kevin Lane Keller, Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business

Branding is the hottest topic in marketing! Martin Roll describes all the key opportunities and challenges that Asian firms need to further challenge their Western competitors. As the leading expert on Asian brands, Martin Roll brings a unique knowledge and experience that make his book a must read for all global marketers!
Dominique Turpin, President of IMD Business School

‘An insightful look into branding as a strategic tool for Asian companies – Asian Brand Strategy by Martin Roll is a brilliant, incisive read. A treasure of ideas and case studies, this compelling new book discusses the challenges Asian corporations face to stay relevant in today’s dynamic, global market.’
N. R. Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys

Asian Brand Strategy is an important handbook for Asian executives aspiring to build strong brands. It provides a solid foundation for future success in the global market place.
John A. Quelch, Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Management specialties: Leadership, Strategy, Change & Transformations, Digital Transformation, Innovation, Branding & Marketing, Business Family Transformation & Transition, Business Coaching, C-level Mentoring, Business Consulting, China, Asia & Emerging Markets.
 Leadership In The 21 Century: Next Generation Leadership

Leadership in the 21st century will be influenced by constant change. Next generation leadership will have to deal effectively with multiple demanding global challenges spanning from geopolitical volatility, technological disruptions, economic and political uncertainty, the rise of new challengers like China and shifting demographics to name a few.

Implications for next generation leaders are how to balance their short- and long-term lens, building resilience and character, how to keep a horizontal and vertical outlook, balance global perspectives & local insights, and how to lead from a strong strategic compass.

Martin Roll will demonstrate how successful leaders develop and employ 6 important strategic skills and personal traits which will help them to lead with clarity through turbulent times: Purpose, Resilience, Networks, Long-term lens, Adaptation & Agility, and People & Culture.

The success of Next Generation Leaders will be defined by their ability and willingness to drive a powerful transformation agenda: Daring, Bold & Different.

This talk will address the following themes:

  • The essence of Next Generation Leadership
  • From Old to New Economy
  • The 6 Next Generation Leadership Traits
  • Transition and transformation of leadership
  • New ways of leading in a culturally diverse world
  • Engaging and leveraging the new workforce
  • Lead with impact

Family Business Strategy (2021)

Martin Roll will publish a new management book titled “Family Business Strategy – Leading Future Paths With Impact” in 2021. The book will contain strategic frameworks, hands-on cases and concrete examples on how to successfully create and execute strategies, and lead family businesses with impact over the long-term.

Content outline:

  • Family business strategy: A global framework
  • The long-term view as a distinct driver of strategy
  • Creating, detailing and deciding on a family business strategy
  • Different roles of the family and family members
  • Managing succession as a constant challenge
  • Driving long-term impact in a family business
  • Balancing risks, rewards and governance
  • Branding as a long-term value creation strategy

A Chinese proverb states that “wealth shall not pass three generations”. The first generation build wealth, the second manages it, and the third generation destroys it. The importance of the proverb is driven by the fact that successive generations will have different levels of emotional connection with their family business

The first-generation founder would have poured everything into starting and building a business, while the next generation may not have such high levels of connection because they inherit the business (and have not started it).

Therefore, founders and their successive generations have important obligations to fulfill to ensure successful succession. Unfortunately, lack of engagement, underlying family frictions, conflicts and lack of commitment hinder succession strategies.

Long-term viability of family businesses requires each generation to have high levels of ambition and motivation.

It is aimed at multiple audiences: The “Family Business Strategy” book will be a source of inspiration for family business leaders, senior executives in family businesses and family offices who are keen to create sustained, long-term impact.

Family Office Strategy (2021)

Martin Roll will publish a new management book titled “Family Office Strategy – Creating a Multi-Generation Legacy” in 2021. The book will contain strategic frameworks, hands-on cases and concrete frameworks on how to develop and implement a family office strategy across multi-generational family members and stakeholders.

Content outline:

  • What is a family office?
  • Strategic importance of family offices in the global economy
  • Global family office trends and perspectives
  • Family office strategy: A global management framework
  • Creating, detailing and deciding on a long-term family office strategy
  • Defining the roles of the family and family members
  • Family office leadership
  • Professional management versus family
  • Talent management
  • Family office board structures
  • Structures, implementation frameworks and operation models
  • The family office investment portfolio
  • Philanthropy, social and impact investing
  • Balancing risks, rewards and governance
  • Driving long-term impact in a family office
  • Creating and maintaining a multi-generation legacy
  • The future of family offices

The Family Business Office book will be a source of inspiration, frameworks, guidelines, management models and global best practices.

It is aimed at multiple audiences: Wealthy families, family office boards, CEOs, principals, business leaders, senior executives, family business leaders, private equity investors, venture capitalists, fund managers and other investors who are keen to create sustained, long-term impact across multiple generations and contributing to building strong legacies.


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