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Expertise: key economic, geopolitical, technological, and societal forces that will shape our near term future
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Noreena Hertz

Named by The Observer as “one of the world’s leading thinkers” and by Vogue as “one of the world’s most inspiring women,” economist Noreena Hertz is a bestselling author, board member and keynote speaker.

Her best-selling books, The Silent Takeover, The Debt Threat and Eyes Wide Open are published in more than twenty countries. Her latest book is the international bestseller The Lonely Century – A Call to Reconnect, which was chosen by The Daily TelegraphWired, and El Mundo, amongst other publications, as a Book of the Year.

As a global economist, whose work intersects the nexus of economics, technology, politics and society – and a pioneering and renowned thinker on ESG, the post-millennial generation and community building – Noreena also advises some of the largest organizations and most senior leaders in the world on strategy and transformation.

She sits on the boards of Nasdaq-listed companies Mattel and Warner Music Group and also the board of the HR Tech Company, Workhuman. She has served on Citigroup’s Politics and Economics Global Advisory Board, the Inclusive Capitalism Taskforce’s Advisory Group, and RWE’s Digital Transformation Board, and her thinking served as the inspiration for Bono’s Product ‘Red’.

As a visionary thinker, Noreena is also frequently sought after as a Keynote Speaker and has given keynote speeches at TED, The World Economic Forum in Davos and Google Zeitgeist as well as for leading global corporations, sharing platforms with such luminaries as President Bill Clinton, Professor Stephen Hawking and David Beckham amongst others.  Her opinion pieces have appeared in publications including The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe Wall Street JournalThe GuardianThe Financial TimesDie ZeitEl Pais, and The South China Morning Post.

Noreena also makes frequent television appearances around the world including on flagship television shows such as CBS’ This MorningBBC’s Question TimeNHK’s Global Debate. She has created and hosted four television documentaries; hosted her own show on the US’ largest radio network Sirius XM and served as the economics editor for the UK’s leading commercial television network, ITV.

Noreena has a PhD from Cambridge University and an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Having spent 10 years at the University of Cambridge, in 2014 she moved to University College London where she is an Honorary Professor at the Institute for Global Prosperity.

The Lonely Century Acknowledgements

– Adam Grant’s ‘New Leadership Books of 2021 list

– Best Reads from Financial Times

– ‘Top 5 Books of the Year 2020’ by Daily Telegraph

– One of Wired UK’s best Science and Tech books in 2020

– A Book of the Year by Waterstones

In a thought-provoking and inspiring keynote speech helps audiences understand why this is the Loneliest Century on record, why it matters to business, and what leaders can do to redesign their workplace and offerings so as to authentically deliver community and connection.



How will the geopolitical landscape change over the next few years? What is going to happen to the economy? What are the major technological shifts you need to prepare for? What does generative AI mean for you? How is the ageing of the population going to impact your business? How will the post millennials change your workplace and offerings? What are the main looming political and cultural forces that need to be on your radar?
From the internationally bestselling author and economist Noreena Hertz – a globally renowned thinker with a proven track record in predicting global trends – comes an up-to-date keynote speech on where the world is heading and what this means for business leaders.

From the economy to technology, from key societal and demographic trends to political and geopolitical forces, Noreena lays out where the world is heading, what this means for business leaders, and how in a time as complex as these to make the smartest and most strategic choices you can.


40 percent of office workers globally feel lonely. One in five do not have a single friend at work.

This is not just a problem for individuals, it’s also exacting a significant business cost. The lonely are less productive, efficient and motivated than their non-lonely colleagues and significantly more likely to quit.

At a time of hiring challenges, when productivity needs to be on the rise, understanding how to make your workplace feel connected and your employees feel more bonded to each other, is crucial.

Meanwhile your customers are lonely too – especially now post pandemic. With one in five millennials without a single friend, and one in four people feeling lonely, if you can authentically speak to this fundamental human need for togetherness and belonging you will reap a significant dividend.

Noreena Hertz, author of the international bestseller, The Lonely Century


Inflation at a forty year high. Interest rates rising. Dark clouds over the economy. Meanwhile the march of technology ever faster and geopolitical and political tensions continuing to rise.

Now more than ever making the right strategic decisions is crucial. But how to make smart decisions in a time as uncertain and complex as this? A time of political upheaval and economic downturn, technological shits, and significant societal change.

Combining economic analysis with insights from psychology, neuroscience, sociology and history, as well as research from her latest books The Lonely Century and Eyes Wide Open, Professor Noreena Hertz, in this fascinating speech, helps C-Suite executives think strategically about how to navigate the next eighteen months with agility, innovation and success.


You may know all about millennials by now. But what about what comes next?

Based on her 5 years of cutting-edge proprietary research on 15-25 year olds, Professor Noreena Hertz shares deep insights into who this generation are, what they care about, how they behave, what they want, how they work, and how they consume. Shaped not only by technology, but also the worst recession in decades – as well as a world of heightened existential threat – this generation is manifestly different to those that came before including the older millennials.

Whether you are an employer, marketer, or politician – if you want to future proof your organisation and offerings, it’s essential you get to grips with Generation K.  

Destined to be a classic’ Nouriel Roubini

‘Fascinating’ Sathnam Sanghera, The Times

‘A hopeful book that couldn’t be more important or timely’ Philippa Perry

‘Timely and important’ Charlie Brooker

A hopeful and empowering vision for how to reconnect with each other and heal our divides.

Even before a global pandemic introduced us to terms like social distancing, loneliness was already becoming the defining condition of the twenty-first century.

But it’s also one we have the power to reverse. Combining a decade of research with first-hand reporting, Noreena Hertz takes us from a ‘how to communicate in real life’ class for smartphone-addicted university students to bouncy castles at Belgian far-right gatherings, from ‘renting a friend’ and paying for cuddles in the U.S. to nursing home residents knitting bonnets for their robot caregivers in Japan.

Packed with bold solutions that we can apply at home, at work and in our neighbourhoods, and with a clear vision for what businesses and governments must do, she explores how our increasing dependence on technology, radical changes to the workplace and decades of policies that have placed self-interest above the collective good, are making us more isolated than ever before.

Noreena Hertz helps us to understand why this is the lonely century, how we got here and what each of us can do to help reduce loneliness for ourselves and our communities.


In ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Noreena Hertz does for decision-making what Daniel Kahneman did for thinking.

• Why should you be wary of experts?
• Are emails destroying your ability to think?
• How do you know which sources of information are credible?
• Whose advice should you trust?

‘Eyes Wide Open’ will help you through the data deluge and show you how to make better and smarter decisions.

By weaving together cutting-edge research with real-world examples from Hollywood to Harry Potter, NASA to World War II spies, Hertz constructs a path to more astute and empowered decision-making in ten clear steps. With razor-sharp insight and an instinct for thought-provoking storytelling, she offers counterintuitive, effective guidance for making better choices—whether you are a businessperson, a professional, a patient, or a parent.

‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a game-changing book that empowers readers to become confident and wise decision-makers —savvy to how our emotions and habits can trip us up

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