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Topic: Leadership

Expertise: Employee Engagement, Leadership, Performance

Paul Rigby is a regular keynote presenter at global industry conferences focusing on the topics of employee engagement, change and innovation. Paul understands business and what it takes to lead successful businesses in times of change and diversity. He has incredible energy and passion and an ability to translate his hands on experience to the business world. He has learned from personal experience how to turn businesses around. Paul has a high sense of urgency and a lively,captivating delivery style.  He challenge his audience to enhance their potential, embrace the opportunities that await them and challenge the status quo and make a real difference.

His proven ability to conduct business on a global stage gives him the experience to enable organisations  to successfully reach their business objectives.   Paul is also the author of two great leadership books; The Success Formula is an easy read, focusing on leadership for aspiring leaders. It covers his own leadership experiences from the corporate world and owning his own franchise as well as interesting stories from his career in the consulting world.

TheBeeBookThe Bee Book which he co-authored is a story or allegory about a hive of bees who are faced with a catastrophic change in their environment. They need to take quick action if they are to survive. But is the hive ready and able to change to the challenges presented or are they stuck in a world of complacency hierarchical leadership?  The Bee Book offers a fresh look at leadership, change, innovation and employee engagement through the use of an enjoyable story. The result is a practical book that will challenge the way you think about how to lead people and implement change.

Paul also serves as President for International Operations for International Thought Leader Network (ITLN) a USA based consultancy firm. He is a certified master consultant for the Leading Innovation Workshop™ based upon the works of Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Leading Bold Change™ based upon the works of Harvard Professor, John Kotter, Leading Practical Change™, Leading Positive Performance™ based on the work of Shawn Achor  CEO of GoodThink and a world leading expert on human potential, Learn To Lead™ a 5-day leadership programme for emerging leaders, Drive™ an exciting workshop based on Dan H. Pink’s work on employee engagement and motivation plus Bee Fit For The Future™ leadership workshop.

Paul received his Bachelor of Commerce Degree at Rhodes University in Business Administration and Mercantile Law and later completed his Executive Development Program at Wits Business School.