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Topics: Leadership, Climate Change, AI

Expertise: Global Leadership, Foresight, Technology, Design Thinking, Social Enterprise & Geopolitics

Dr Richard Hames is a leading authority on the state of the world and global trends. He provides intelligence and advice to leaders on all five continents. His grasp of what is happening, his knowledge of undercurrents that matter, his ability to peel away those things that can easily distract us, together with his understanding of where opportunities still abound, is simply incomparable.

As a successful entrepreneur, strategist and mentor he knows business and government inside-out. He is courted internationally for his opinions and advice as a result.

He was described by Forbes Asia as “one of the smartest people on the planet” and is among the world’s most influential thinkers. Constantly sought after by governments and business corporations for his searing intellect and remarkably accurate insights, Richard provides his clients with deep wisdom on a range of issues concerning the future of humanity.

An Australian citizen, educated in Europe and domiciled in Asia, Richard has been honoured with numerous awards. A compelling speaker and the author of seven books, Richard is CEO of Centre for the Future – a unique international enterprise whose mission is to make the world work for everyone by designing alternatives to systems that are failing the human family.

In 2015 he co-founded MiVote [] and its commercial spin-off Horizon State [] which is already one of the hottest socio-political movements in the world.

As a foresight practitioner Richard and his team have examined hundreds of topics, ranging from the future of conflict and work to taxation, business and society, food security, international terrorism, smart cities, financial services, health care, science and alternative energy.


 “Richard has a mind that is impossible to leap over” –
Peter Flavel – CEO Private Wealth Management, J.P.Morgan

Richard Hames provides a powerful diagnosis of present realities, new paradigms of thought, and an ecological model of action in an uncertain world

Peter Schwartz President – Global Business Network

Richard’s capacity to identify and weave together the major issues that are shaping our future world is extraordinary

Michael Roux Chairman – Australian Davos Connection

Richard Hames inspires; his breadth of vision offering daring and challenging insights into the world of tomorrow

Douglas Hogg Former Industry Minister, UK Government