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Robert Barrington is Professor of Anti-Corruption Practice at the Centre for the Study of Corruption in the University of Sussex.  He was formerly the head of Transparency International (TI) in the UK, the world’s leading anti-corruption NGO, and is currently Chair of TI’s International Council.

At TI, he led the campaigns to secure the Bribery Act, a national Anti-Corruption Strategy for the UK and the introduction of Unexplained Wealth Orders. He was previously Director of Governance & Sustainable Investment at F&C Asset Management, and CEO (Europe) of the environmental research group Earthwatch Institute.

Robert is a member of the ICAEW’s Corporate Governance Committee, and UK government advisory roles have included membership of the Ministry of Justice’s expert group drafting the official guidance on the Bribery Act, the BEIS Export Guarantees Advisory Committee and the Cabinet Office’s post-Brexit Procurement Transformation Advisory Panel.

Publications include ‘How to Bribe’, ‘Adequate Procedures – Guidance to the UK Bribery Act’, ‘Fair Play’, ‘Countering Small Bribes’ and ‘Corruption in the UK’.  He holds a degree from Oxford University and a PhD from the European University Institute.


  • Cabinet Office, Procurement Transparency Advisory Panel (2019-2021)
  • Transparency International, Chair, International Council (2020-present)
  • International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), Advisor on revision of Anti-Corruption Guidance (2019-20)
  • Transparency International: global board (elected, 2017-2019)
  • Lord Mayor’s Trust Advisory Group (2017-18)
  • ICAEW Corporate Governance Committee (2016-present)
  • Royal United Services Institute, CFCS Advisory Committee (2015-2017)
  • Member, Ministry of Justice Experts’ Group on Bribery Act Guidance (2010)
  • BEIS Export Guarantees Advisory Council (Ministerial appointment, 2006-9)
  • Multiple other boards and advisory committees including The Environment Council, Global Reporting Initiative, UNEP-FI Natural Value Initiative, Oxford Brookes University, various Earthwatch and TI global committees.



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  • Krishnan, C, Barrington, R (2011) Corruption in the UK: Overview, Transparency International UK, London 2011


  • UK Bribery Laws: a non-lawyers’ guide to laws and offences in the UK relating to corrupt behaviour, Maxwell, N, Cowdock, B, Barrington, R (ed), Transparency International UK, London 2016
  • Countering Small Bribes, Wilkinson, P, Barrington, R (ed), Maxwell, N (ed), Transparency International UK, London 2014
  • Diagnosing Bribery Risk, Transparency International UK, London 2013
  • The 2010 UK Bribery Act Adequate Procedures – guidance on good practice procedures for corporate anti-bribery programmes, Wilkinson, P, Krishnan, C (ed) & Barrington, R (ed) Transparency International UK, London 2010


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Executive Director

Transparency International UK, London, United Kingdom1 Aug 2008 – 13 Sep 2019

Director of Governance & Sustainable Investment

F&C Asset Management, London, United Kingdom2 Sep 2002 – 15 Jul 2008

Chief Executive (1998-2002, various prior roles)

Earthwatch Institute (Europe), Oxford, United Kingdom1 Jun 1993 – 30 Aug 2002