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Topics: Economics, Geopolitics, China

Expertise:  Trade, Eurozone, Currencies, Volatility in Markets, Emerging Markets, Bond markets and inflation

Thanos Papasavvas CFA  – (Chartered Financial Analyst) is Founder of ABP Invest, established in 2015 to provide strategic outlook and research on geopolitics, economics, financial markets and FX.  He works with asset management and private equity companies, hedge funds and family offices as well as a number of non-financial organisations. Previously he was in asset management for 20 years with Credit Suisse Asset Management and Investec Asset Management across fixed income, emerging markets, currency management and multi-asset.

He managed assets throughout the 1997 South-East Asian crisis, 1998 Russian and LTCM crises, dotcom bubble in 2000 and the more recent Financial and Eurozone crises, all of which helped provide a broader perspective of geopolitical developments and macroeconomic impacts to financial markets.

Thanos managed portfolios for a number of FTSE, Dow and DAX pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, local authorities and family offices. His team was presented with the “Currency Manager of the Year” award twice, in 2004 and 2010.  He began his career working as an Economist for the UK Government Economic Service coincidentally amidst the outset of the ERM Crisis of 1992.

A Co-Founder and CIO of Equant-Analytics and Founding Partner and strategic advisor to EMFC Loans Syndication, he is a frequent guest on BBC, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Thanos has been awarded the CFA Charterholder designation and is a member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House). He holds an MSc Economics from Birkbeck College, University of London

Born in Athens, he has been living in London for over 30 years.


“Populism, Nationalism & Socialism – are they here to stay?”   (What was the true cause of these socio-political developments? What are their impacts on economies and geopolitics? What does it mean for policy makers and markets?)

“ESG is it a product, a process or a gimmick?”  (Regulators are concerned with the proliferation of thousands of ESG funds.  Is this a millennial trend or an investment philosophy which will change the World?)

“We are amidst a Developed Market crisis – where EM offers safe haven opportunities” (Discuss the ongoing crises in Developed markets with likely next steps; whilst comparing with the attractions of EM as an asset class/ investment.)

“Navigating the uncertainty” (geopolitical concerns, volatile markets, risks of recessions, US-China relations.