Mark Van Rijmenan – Stategic Futurist

2023, we can expect an acceleration in the use of technologies within our business and our private lives. VR will become more advanced and might see its iPhone moment with Apple joining the game. NFTs and Web3 will continue to evolve, and more advanced language models will disrupt the content industry. With that, generative AI will drive the metaverse, which will hopefully be an open metaverse driven by more sustainable blockchain technology. All these new technologies will require consumers and employees to become digitally literate, if anything, to prevent even more cybercrime. Finally, RPA will make our jobs much easier, and ClimateTech will hopefully make it greener.

With the developments of technology accelerating and touching more of our lives, it will disrupt more jobs, businesses, and economies. Therefore, 2023 will be the Year of Digital Disruption. Those consumers, organisations and governments that embrace this disruption will do well; those that oppose it will face harsh times. In a world that is changing so fast, it is best to be flexible and adaptive.

Dr Van Rijmenam is one of the leading voices in technology and known for his candid, educated and balanced views on how technology can benefit but also threaten society. He is a globally recognised author, futurist and keynote speaker who thinks about how technology changes organisations, society and the metaverse.

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